Thank you for purchasing FXH Wheels, our philosophy is simple - uncompromised quality, proven performance and enviable designs. Welcome to the Team, a new chapter in offroad wheels!


FXH Wheels warrants that the wheels, accessories and other goods supplied by FXH Wheels (Components) will be free from:

  1. structural failure, under normal and intended use for as long as the original purchaser (Consumer) uses the product; and
  2. finish defects for a period of three years from original date of purchase.

FXH Wheels will repair or replace, at its option, the Components which are determined by FXH Wheels (in its discretion) to be defective. Such repair or replacement will not include installation charges or incidental expenses.


FXH Wheels will not repair or replace the Components where the defects are not caused by the acts or omissions of FXH Wheels.

Specifically, the following are not covered by this Warranty:

  1. any Component that has been:
    1. subject to misuse, negligence, racing, improper installation, collision, accident or damage from wheel weights;
    2. repaired or altered by a party other than FXH Wheels; and/or
    3. damaged by shipping or handling.
  2. damage to the surface finish of the Component as a result of:
    1. stone chips or similar road hazards;
    2. polish, abrasives, rubbing compounds, or acid based cleaners;
    3. abrasion by balance weights; and/or
    4. scratching by cleaning brushes, car wash brushes, abrasives, or rubbing compounds.
  3. any Component that is installed:
    1. without proper FXH Wheels accessories or installed on a vehicle other than that for which the Component was designed;
    2. with spacers or adaptors; and/or
    3. with incorrect tire sizes, tire diameters greater than 35” or used with excessive vehicle loads.
  4. corrosion or defects to the Components ;
  5. claims concerning ‘out of roundness’ in Components beyond 30 days after purchase; or
  6. Components that have polished or raw finishes with no clear coat.

Title and Risk:

Title to all Components shall remain with FXH Wheels until the Components are delivered to the Consumer and payment for the Components has been received (in full) by FXH Wheels after which, title in the relevant Components passes to the Consumer. Risk in the Components passes to the Consumer once the Components have left FXH Wheels’ possession and have been passed to its delivery partner, for delivery to the Consumer. Transfer of title of the Components voids this Warranty.


No representative or dealer has the authority to make any representation, promise, or agreement on behalf of FXH Wheels.


Any shipment of Components to and from FXH Wheels (relating to any Warranty claim) must be freight prepaid and FXH Wheels shall not be responsible for any such freight costs. In order for the Warranty to be honoured, FXH Wheels will need to be provided with proof of purchase (and will need to verify the date of purchase) of the Component . The original invoice showing ownership and the date of purchase of the applicable Component is acceptable.

Limitation of Liability:

FXH Wheels shall not be liable to the Consumer (or any other party) for any:

  1. loss or damage relating to the Components or any other services provided by FXH Wheels, except in the case of FXH Wheels’ negligence or wilful misconduct; and
  2. loss of profit, loss of revenue, loss of interest, financing charges, loss of business, business interruption, or loss of business opportunity in connection with the provision of the Components, or any special, indirect or consequential losses.


FXH Wheels disclaims (to the extent permitted by law) all other express or implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability and use for a particular purpose.


This Warranty:

  1. may be varied by FXH Wheels, any time, for any reason, by written notice to the Consumer;
  2. will not be assigned by the Consumer without the prior written consent of FXH Wheels; and
  3. is legally binding in accordance with the laws of Victoria, Australia.

If Service is needed:

The following procedure is to be followed if a problem arises with a Component:

  1. contact the dealer where the purchase was made and attempt to resolve the problem; and
  2. if the dealer does not resolve the problem contact FXH Wheels at the address or phone number listed below:

    FXH Wheels
    3522 S. Kettering Blvd. Dayton, OH 45439
    Ph – 937-965-7222

Installation instructions:

FXH Wheels comply with the technical standards for DOT and JWL that apply to light alloy wheels for motor vehicles. However, in the event vehicles are driven in non-conventional ways, such as racing, rallies, and offroad use, or are used after being damaged, FXH Wheels exempts its liability for legal suits claiming compensation and will take no responsibility.

Before installing wheels:

  1. Prior to mounting tires, please verify that the wheel size, number of holes, bolt circle diameter, offset, configuration of the mounting sides, and nuts are compatible with the vehicle. Then test fit the wheels to the hub to confirm clearance. Mounted wheels cannot be returned.
  2. Observe the load rating on the wheel. Do not exceed the vehicle weight or tire diameter specified.
  3. Remove any brake rotor clips that will not allow wheel to sit flat. (General Motors cars only)
  4. Check that the attachment nuts match the thread diameters and pitch on the vehicle. Also, the seats of the nuts that hold the wheels are of three types: tapered, rounded and flat. Should the shape of the nuts not match the wheel, they will not properly tighten and could come off while the vehicle is moving.
  5. Always use new accessory valves. If the valves are not properly inserted in the valve holes, air leaks may occur. Also, please do not reuse valves once they have been removed.
  6. After the tires are mounted, adjust the balance of all the wheels. Improper balance can cause vibration during driving. It is also advisable to have the wheels aligned.
  7. Tighten nuts to the recommended torque of the vehicle manufacturer. If an impact wrench is used, first tighten to a low torque and then use a torque wrench to tighten the lug nut to the recommended torque.

After the wheels are installed on the car:

  1. After the wheels have been fitted onto the vehicle, check that they do not come into contact with any part of the body or the suspension system. (When checking the front wheels, turn the steering wheel all the way left and right).
  2. Before driving, always check the air pressure in the tires.
  3. The lug nuts or bolts can become loose during the first 100mi/160km after the wheels are fitted or rotated. Use a torque wrench to make sure the nuts are at the recommended torque.
  4. FXH Wheels prohibits doing modifications to the wheels - including machining, welding or disassembling.

Modifications that include machining, welding or disassembling are extremely dangerous and can reduce the wheel strength or cause air leaks that can lead to broken parts or accidents. We will not acknowledge any claims concerning wheels that have been modified by the user.